SOPA is Dead, but the Copyright Debate Rages On

And it's happening where it belongs: online.

Congress won't take up the matter until after the election, and what might happen remains unclear. There might be an attempt to resurrect SOPA, perhaps with some modifications to appease critics. Or there could be an attempt to reconcile SOPA with OPEN or something like it.

Cartoonist Matthew Inman examined these issues at
Courtesy of
Cartoonist Matthew Inman examined these issues at
Reddit's Alexis Ohanian believes the best ideas prevail on the Internet.
C.S. Muncy
Reddit's Alexis Ohanian believes the best ideas prevail on the Internet.

Ohanian tends to think not about what should be done to fight piracy but what shouldn't. If Congress comes up with another SOPA, he and his allies are likely to oppose it just as stridently. Whatever his response is, though, he promises it won't be him or any other "leader" calling the shots. "There is no leader," says the man Forbes magazine recently dubbed "The Mayor of the Internet." Decisions about how to react against Big Media's overreach "come from the bottom up," he says. "Ultimately, the power lies with the people — I have to believe that."

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Pete Sawyer
Pete Sawyer

SOPA will be replaced with something just as bad

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