05. "My Hometown" — Charlie Robsion

Robison is pure Texan. In this song, he evokes small towns, Friday night football, college revelry, roughnecking and name-checks the largest cities in a candid, believable way. Brad Behler

04. "Down the Road Tonight" — Hayes Carll

I loved Hayes from the first time I heard him. I love his sense of humor. Matt Hillyer

03. "Carry On" — Pat Green

This was one of the first songs I can truly remember loving from the moment I heard it. And it still does my heart good to sing along at the top of my lungs! Katie Key

02. "Tonight's Not the Night" — Randy Rogers Band

Not only the song that truly started Rogers' ascent into the vanguard of the scene, but this song features a chorus with wordplay that's so natural, it's not really wordplay. A simple yet profound sentiment that anyone can relate to, set to a fiddle-driven, true-blue country song. Kelly Dearmore

01. "Feeling Good Again" — Robert Earl Keen

Keen is a sage writer who describes life in Texas with such vivid detail that he makes you feel like you've visited places a thousand times even when you've never been there. Anyone that hears this song is immediately transported to Bandera on a cold winter night while some old friends reconvene at a tiny bar. Brad Beheler

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Martin Harper
Martin Harper

No Old 97's? George Dunham? Are you kidding me?

Dennis Gonzalez
Dennis Gonzalez

Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see the late Chris Whitley's "Making the Dirt Stick" from Living With the Law...I guess it misses the 15 year hitch by 6 years.

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