Hearne's own discography begins with his solo album, 2001's Vision of a Gloomadeer. The band put out Rusalka Songs in 2004 and Grave Ambitions in 2006, a year after they disbanded. In 2008, he released The Black Mouth EP, and Musa Dagh in 2010, named after an infamous mountain in Turkey.

His new band, Le Leek Electrique, released The Aquaticus EP earlier this year, and are releasing their full-length album Saturday at Dan's Silverleaf. Hearne can pretty much pick and choose the musicians he wants to play with, evidenced by the all-star roster of Le Leek Electrique: Veteran guitarist Dan Dockrill, drummer Tex Bosley, bassist Ryan Williams and keyboardist Zach Landreneau. There is also a contingent of understudies who fill in from time to time on the horns, including the legendary Jeff Barnes.

As "God Will Strike Me Down" again plays over the PA, Hearne heads to the back patio and bums a cigarette from his creative director, Barahona. He seems calm and meditative. Band members sit and converse at tables near the bar and behind the camera, waiting to play their parts. In the searing heat, Hearne is smoking, but the temperature doesn't seem to bother him at all.

Warren Jackson Hearne, cheating death.
Warren Jackson Hearne, cheating death.


Le Leek Electrique perform Saturday, August 11, at Dan's Silverleaf, with Dana Falconberry and Spooky Folk.

In fact, his disposition seems forever one of gratitude and peacefulness, and his approachable demeanor suggests not much rattles him. Two days prior, fresh from his day job at J&J's Pizza, he talked about the vital elements of his present.

"Right now, I'm working at J&J's six days a week, which I love. I love doing it. I'm living in Denton, which I love doing. I got to have my son all summer so far, which I love doing. I'm playing shows with my band, which I love doing. I get to practice with them once a week, which I love doing. I've got my girlfriend Jessica ... which I love doing. If anything gets better, my head might explode."

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