You Can't Handle the Truth

Not if you're willing to listen Paul Ryan and his cronies, that is.

But just as in Russia we have little idea who runs it. We have no idea how it works. We haven't even thought about Plan B if the rains fall in the wrong place at the wrong rate and a wall of water shows up at the window at 4 a.m. someday. Our complete negligence in dealing with runoff has pushed the whole system to its absolute maximum edge of instability. And if the big dam does look like it might blow one night and somebody does pull the plug on us, lots of luck ever finding out who did it. Or why.

So why is this about Republicans? I had forgotten about Anderson the oceanographer at Rice until I saw him again in Loftis' piece, but he's the scientist who raised a cry in October 2011 when the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality censored a report he had coauthored, removing all references to global warming or human activity as contributing factors to these and other environmental risks.

As he and other scientists pointed out at the time, the factors they were pointing to in the report were broadly accepted by science across the board, no longer even in the same neighborhood with controversial theory. But TCEQ, ruled over by Governor Rick Perry's appointees, went through the report with a dull knife, hacking flesh and bone from it to eliminate any science that might get in the way of the Perry party line.

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Then, as we know, our governor ran for president on a platform painting global warming as a godless lie fomented by people against bid'ness and freedumb. I think it's safe to say our nation saw through Perry and his approach to vote-getting, saw him for what he was, and the results were satisfyingly definitive.

But the approach we're hearing now from Ryan is only barely more clever — because it is a bit more vague — rendition of the Perry anthem. Ryan falls back on the East Anglia canard, taking a bunch of stolen emails from a British university, which proved some scientists have the social skills of 15-year-old emos, and using those emails to deny the legitimacy of science itself as a means toward knowledge.

Ryan has written of the emails, "... these revelations undermine confidence in the scientific data driving the climate change debates."

No they don't. They prove scientists can be assholes. But they prove nothing about science. Letter grades in science are not based on deportment. But Ryan also has written that, "there is growing disagreement among scientists about climate change and its causes."

No there's not. That's the exact opposite of the truth. There is growing, damn near overwhelming consensus that global warming is real, that human activity is a significant factor, and, may I mention, that the flood control strategies of the early 20th century are responsible for worsening flood problems and disasters in the 21st century.

Denying it is the sweet nothing, the wet little lie tongued softly into the ears of voters so they won't think they have to worry their little heads, let alone make any sacrifices to help the nation and the world get to effective new strategies.

Romney, who has been flip-flopping on earlier statements about global warming and human activity, joins Ryan, the so-called intellectual heavyweight of the pair who doesn't believe in science, and together they form the exact opposite of what they pose to be — tough realists not afraid of the truth.

We get this same stuff here at home. Dare to mention flood control and the city's leaders will accuse you of being against bid'ness and freedumb. And then they'll say there's no such thing as floods anymore.

Why would things divide up this way at this particular moment in history? Could it be we have arrived at a kind of physical and existential crossroads?

One way, the sign says, "Keep on Keepin' On." More cheap stuff from China, more chemicals, don't worry about it. The other way the sign says, "Whole New Deal." New morality taking personal responsibility for the planet, new concept of fulfillment, less cheap stuff from China, fewer chemicals.

Some people make their money off Keep On Keepin' On. They do not want people taking that other path in any significant numbers. Their problem is that science is more and more dead set against them, so they must set their chins dead against science.

That's crazy. Right? It's insane. But they either can't admit it's crazy, or they don't want us to notice it's crazy, or, very worst case, they don't know it's crazy.

I get all this via flood control. Like I say, you can choose your own window. Any way you look at it, Isaac in Plaquemines Parish and Paul Ryan in Tampa, all on television on the same night: That amounts to one very big nightmare for us all.

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Jim, you are on your patch characterizing Ryan and Republicans as Keep on keepin on," More cheap stuff from China, more chemicals, don't worry about it. Very slanted journalism I say. 

The" Forward "movement of the Democrats plan gives me not one hope that with another term Obama can achieve anything more than the disaster of his last term, we are under water, 16 TRILLION dollars, more people out out of work, housing market a disaster, many more people on Food stamps, and other assistance programs and a foreign policy that puts America to shame for being a free country, only to name a few. My assessment of the problem is Obama presidency is a failure and no amount of praise from liberal media will change these facts. 

Romney is a good man, an accomplished one who at least makes it clear that America doesn't have to keep circling the drain to make other nations feel good about hating us, it is time for a positive change.


Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Quick look over here - no not there - over here

"Corn ethanol is the Franken fuel of American politics. Neither party, neither candidate dares question the program that requires motorists to buy a corrosive, low-heat-content, hydrophilic fuel adulterant—even though that program is now consuming 37 percent of all American corn production and driving up food prices."

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

201,000 private sector jobs added in August.  750,000 jobs lost in the last month of the bush presidency.  Are we better off?  HELL YES!

Montemalone topcommenter

It's called Selfishness, Hatefulness, and Greed.

No concern for anything or anyone other than themselves.

holmantx topcommenter

You booed God last night.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Obama promised universal healthcare coverage.  He kept that promise.

Obama promised to get out of Iraq.  He kept that promise.

Obama promised to get bin Laden.  He kept that promise.

Obama promised to turn the economy around.  He kept that promise.

Obama promised to save the American auto industry.  He kept that promise.

Obama promised to end DADT.  He kept that promise.


Whatever other promise Obama made is still a work in progress, made much more difficult to keep because of republican obstructionism and the republican promise to destroy his presidency.


The Democrats have a gift with Romney's dismissal of global warming in his acceptance speech. I can see the ad now: A split screen, each side with date, and perhaps, time stamp. One side shows him criticizing Obama for pledging to prevent the sea level from rising, the other showing Plaquemines Parish simultaneously washing away.


I always expect politicians to stretch the truth, as Romney's acceptance speech did regarding the $760 billion Medicare savings. Yet, Paul Ryan took it to another level, what with Medicare, and with the factory that ceased producing cars before Obama took office.... He's even misstated his Marathon finishing time. I had considered Ryan a true believer who happened to believe rubbish. His false statements now cause me to view him differently.


If the Republicans were really truth tellers, here's where they'd start: We eat too much; it's time to tax fast food. We drive too much; it's time to tax gasoline. We're running out of oil; fracking extends our production but it doesn't change the overall picture. We need to convert to renewable energies. We need to balance the budget and start paying down this debt; taxing the rich won't crater our economy. We have to quit allowing elected officials to draw their own districts. We need term limits, and money in politics is a corrupting influence. The Electoral College needs to be replaced with an instant runoff based on the popular vote. That's a start....

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

 @holmantx OOOOOOoooohhhhhhhh! Scary!


He'll probably whip up a hurricane to punish brown people now!


I would have figured that by now you'd have come up with a post detailing how casualties from intermittent flooding caused by artificial waterways was somehow strengthening our "American Exceptionalism".  

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

 @kduble Tax churches, reduce the bloated defense budget, end tax cuts for the rich.