Good Jerk

With a Little Love from Mom, Island Spot's Spicy Chicken Sings.

Island Spot's jerk chicken captures hints of paradise.
Lori Bandi
Island Spot's jerk chicken captures hints of paradise.

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The Island Spot

2661 Midway Rd, 105
Carrollton, TX 75006

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Region: Carrollton/ Farmers Branch


The Island Spot

2661 Midway Road No. 105, 972-447-7000, 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday, closed Sunday. $$

Jerk chicken $9.95

Brown stew chicken $9.95

Oxtails $12.95

Curry mutton $12.95

Fried plantains $2.50

It's not too hard to see why Thomas goes back once a year, even though he moved to the States in 2000. It's warm and sunny every day, and the beaches boast soft, white sand and clear water the color of an old glass bottle. The people are amazing. Every problem is "no problem," and while they walk down the streets they sing. They sing while they drive, too. Really, they sing a lot of the time. It must be the chicken.

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Pimento wood is NOT hard to find!!!! Simply look online for it - a little goes a long way and it makes ALL the difference in the taste because of the unique smoke flavor. I have ordered many times with no issues. September 2012. 


Although it is clear the author did thorough research on jerk chicken, apparently he did not do so on Jamaican meat patties. Jamaican patties are "prefabricated" even in Jamaica. You will find the texture of the meat and the meat choices to be the same at Tastee or Juici Beef. In fact, the patties at most Jamaican restaurants in Dallas are shipped directly from Jamaica. It is clear that the author never had a patty before, and should have determined that he simply did not personally like the taste, and understood the culture of the dish, before suggesting that the most popular item in any Jamaican restaurant should be taken off the menu.


Had the jerked chicken, red beans & rice and spinach for lunch today.  Got there around 11:30 and it wasn't crowded.  The chicken was kind of dry, the beans & rice and spinach bland.  Adding the jerk sauce added kick and moistened the chicken somewhat. 


Overall, the flavor of the chicken is good and the level of spiciness is about right.   I will try again on another day.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

You're absolutely correct.  I tried to make jerk chicken and it turned out garbage.  If you're not from Jamaica I doubt you can get it right.

scott.reitz moderator

 @janie I've had meat patties all over the Island. They all stink. I've had meat patties in the States that were hand crafted. They did not.