I'm sure some people see Christeene as camp or drag, but I always sensed a higher level of therapy in the live show, a dark satire as well.

That was one of the most important things touring this summer. When people see it live, it takes them away from the camp and drag of the music videos. People think it's just slutty mocking hooker drag. It has evolved — or devolved, maybe — to an artistic form I'm very proud of. That's when I know something is working, going right. It's personal, it's choreography, it's theater. We all interact after the show.

How did the idea for the "African Mayonnaise" video come about?

Turn that brown upside down: Christeene and her boys.
P.J. Raval
Turn that brown upside down: Christeene and her boys.



Friday, September 28, at Double Wide.

The song's about celebrity in America, and how easy it becomes. We're watching these turds with sugar on them, like a Kardashian. So I wrote this song, and I knew it had a life of its own when I do it live; it's the meanest song we do, very abusive to our bodies. So P.J. decided to go guerrilla-style to about 16 locations, and our friends were instructed of our schedule, and were told to film it on their camera phones, so we'd have that and P.J.'s footage. It was such an adrenaline rush when the van door opened, pinballing through these environments. Where's the door, how do you get out?

But also, you're forcing people to take in this strange persona. This culture of discomfort has become so prevalent. Is Christeene anti-celebrity?

I see her as the innocent chosen one, who didn't ask for this, didn't come from anywhere, isn't going anywhere, has a heart. She's an otherwordly creature, just a vagrant passing through town. There's no judgment.

She's good at advice, too. What's "Tropical Abortion" about?

Stepping away from someone who was not good for you, someone who tore you up some. It's a freeing song, ya know? We had some good times, but now my ocean is turning to ice. When we do it live, it's the gayest song we do. We fag out. We're saying: Free yourself from the burden of masculinity.

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