Bigger and Brighter and Fried-er

Grease is the good word at the State Fair of Texas.

Fried Cow Patty

OK. If they really fried poop, we're done. It's over. Whew. THEY DIDN'T FRY POOP! It's chocolate cake batter, fried, with chocolate pudding and chocolate whipped cream. So it will intentionally look like poop, but it will taste like not poop. So, there's that.

Fried Sugar

Picnic on a Stick, pre-fryer.
Mike Mezeul II
Picnic on a Stick, pre-fryer.
Chicken-fried cactus bites.
Mike Mezeul II
Chicken-fried cactus bites.

Sugar cubes are dipped in pancake batter and fried, topped with caramel sauce.

Fried Sugar Cubes

Not a typo. This is listed from two different locations at the fair. So, you'll have fried sugar options. This one comes double-dipped in chocolate or vanilla batter. Or both. Then top with chocolate, caramel or fruit sauces.

West Texas Apple Fried Pie

Yep. What it sounds like.

Potato Twist

Potatoes + onion + bacon bits + bell pepper + Cajun breading + deep-fried.

Chocolate Candy-Coated Bacon

Fried bacon dipped in chocolate and rolled in candy sprinkles and put directly in my mouth now thank you.

Fried Kitty-Kat

It's a Kit-Kat dipped in batter and fried. And it sounds like we're gonna have to eat that, too.

Merry Fried-mas, y'all.

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Why is Dallas is better than the other cities in Texas? No. 1 reason is The effin State Fair of Texas. No. 2 reason is Alice Laussade