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University of Texas at Arlington University Center

300 W. First St.
Arlington, TX 76010

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Region: Arlington

an you believe Found Magazine is more than 10 years old? Yeah, we’re aging. Since Found’s inception, we’ve followed the career of its creator, Davy Rothbart, and watched him explore his passion for communicating underrepresented stories through his contributions to This American Life (that one about Mister Rogers still amazes me) and his collection of fictional shorts, The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas. Somehow he still finds time to tour in support of the long-running Found Magazine, that zine-like assemblage of discovered items. He’s got a new book out titled My Heart Is An Idiot, which binds together personal essays from the 37-year-old author, and you can pick it up at UT Arlington when Davy and his singer-songwriter brother Peter perform. These shows are always a blast, loaded up with anectdotal snippets, songs of imaginary people and lots of humor. It’s happening in the E.H. Hereford University Center on the UT Arlington Campus (300 W. First St., Arlington) at 3:45 p.m. Friday, and there isn’t a posted price, so bring a little cash just in case.
Fri., Oct. 26, 2012
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