Crawfish beignets
Lori Bandi
Crawfish beignets
The requisite burger
Lori Bandi
The requisite burger

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408 N. Bishop Ave., 108
Dallas, TX 75208

Category: Restaurant > French

Region: Oak Cliff & South Dallas



408 N. Bishop Ave. No. 108, 214-942-1828, 4:30-10 p.m. Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday; 4:30-11 p.m. Thursday-Saturday. $$$$

Crawfish beignets $10

Charcuterie sampler $22

Burger $14

Bouillabaisse $28

Grilled quail $14

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Despite items that could use some tweaking, Boulevardier is as charming a restaurant as you would expect from Randall Copeland and Nathan Tate, who have been cooking at Ava in Rockwall since it opened in 2009. They joined brothers Brooks and Bradley Anderson, who have run the Veritas wine bar on Henderson Avenue and brought their oenophilia along for the ride. Their combined efforts give Oak Cliff and all of Dallas something new and interesting, but they charge a steep price for admission. If they can hone their execution, the diners who have come to pack their dining room might just stay for a long time.

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i have ti go in there because my boss tell me its a real good food in there 



Good review. You capture the really nice blend of sophisticated food with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We've been several times and it always feels fun and specail. The food is generally good to excellent. But you are right about the chicken. It was wildly disappointing, especially the soggy, bland skin. They need to take this off the menu and re-work it completely. We should be able to get perfectly roasted chicken, with crispy skin and juicy meat at a bistro like this. That is the only big miss we have had. It's a great place.

scott.reitz moderator

 @Guyndallas Go for the Clafoutis, which will likely have berries and not cherries as the menu says. A server may tell you the change was needed because cherries are no longer in season, and if he does, point out the asparagus on the menu.