Pee Pee Cat: A girl wiping with her sock.

Are you only in men's rooms, or are you in ladies' restrooms as well?

Fart Dog: Mostly in men's rooms, but every once in a while I make it in the ladies' rooms.

Fart Dog and Pee Pee Cat, immortalized at Rubber Gloves.
Rachel Watts
Fart Dog and Pee Pee Cat, immortalized at Rubber Gloves.

Pee Pee Cat: I am also in family restrooms. I can be found at baby-changing stations, the sides of houses, the backs of houses, mall parking lots, the fronts of crowds at concerts, Gatorade bottles, mattresses and the pool.

Why do both of you have slogans?

Fart Dog: Because Fart Dog can't help it. He's not trying to be rude or funny, he's not trying to gross you out. He's gassy. He can't help it.

Pee Pee Cat: Because my smile is contagious. You never want to rush the flush. Potty on, Wayne.

What other anecdotes would you like to add?

Fart Dog: One time I was hanging outside the Black Angels show at Hailey's Club and I heard one of the Black Angels on the phone talking about me. He said something like, "There's a Fart Dog here, just like the one at the Mohawk!" I was pretty excited. Mostly I was excited because I thought he was talking into an alligator. I mean, you have to take 'shrooms when you're going to see the Black Angels, right? Someone told me that was an actual law.

Pee Pee Cat: One time, I loved all of you forever. All of you are my children and Daddy wants you to party when you pee!

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What we're all admitting here is that we'd rather draw on the bathroom walls than listen to the bands that are playing; and we'd rather discuss the drawings on the bathroom wall than discuss the music being played here; I'm sure the local/regional music scene has hit an all time low not seen since the 1800's

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