Assassination? What Assassination?

When it comes to JFK, Dallas is stuck in the denial stage of grief.

On November 22 of next year, Dallas will observe The 50th. No, not Dallas' 50th. Not your 50th. THE 50th. The 50th anniversary of mm-mm. We're not supposed to say what mm-mm is.

At a media event last week to announce plans for The 50th, Mayor Mike Rawlings said, "The name is simply The 50th." A large sign behind the podium said, "The 50th."

This is a very weird city.

Mark Graham


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OK, let's go along with it for a minute. Let's suppose you don't know yet what it's the 50th of. I will give you three clues. 1) JFK. 2) Dealey Plaza. 3) Kapowee!

Now you get it! So isn't this weird? It's like telling people they can only refer to Christmas as "The 2012th." Rawlings, normally a reasonable man, gave these reasons: "The entire country and world will be looking on Dallas this time next year, November 22, 2013, 50 years later."

OK. So they're looking on us. Now what? Rawlings said the event his committee announced at last week's deal is aimed at carefully controlling what the world will see when it looks on us:

"First let me discuss what we are going to accomplish with this event," he said. "This is an event to honor the remarkable life, legacy and leadership of President John F. Kennedy. Solely that, and nothing more."

Get it? Nothing more. My three hints I gave you? Take out the last one. There will be no mention — absolutely not one word — about the kapowee.

Rawlings went on: "Secondly, the tone is very important. We want to mark this day remembering a great president with a sense of dignity and honor."

So, to recap, we will refer to it only as The 50th. Not The 50th so-and-so. Just The 50th. No mentioning the kapowee. And only dignity and honor will be allowed.

Tell me something. Is Dallas just hell-fated forever to be the architect of its own doom? Does the city just have to walk straight into the knockout punch every time the bell rings? Is it really even possible that people don't get what they're setting themselves up for with this kind of totally crazy crap?

Dallas doesn't remember Kennedy's life. He didn't live here. We had nothing to do with his life. We had to do with his death. Even in Dallas, where euphemism is its own kind of art form, you can't euphemize kapowee. Kapowee is kapowee. That's what this is the 50th of. Being told not to say it out loud just makes us feel like we live in a loony bin.

Ah. I give up. I mean, what do I care? It'll make a great story. If I had any sense at all I would keep my mouth shut until the whole thing blows up in their faces. But you know what may be the worst part? Some of the people who have been suckered into running this thing, like Ruth Collins Sharp Altshuler, chairperson of the mayor's 50th Mm-Mm Committee, are perfectly nice people with good intentions who love the city. But they persist in this uniquely Dallas failing of having no idea how the rest of the world thinks.

For example: The whole legal structure for this 50th thing is illegitimate as hell, just waiting to get shot full of holes in court. A year ago the city gave some kind of bogus backdoor permit to the Sixth Floor Museum granting it exclusive access to and control over Dealey Plaza for the entire week of The 50th.

When a group of assassination buffs and scholars called The Coalition on Political Assassination (COPA) sought a permit for a moment of silence next November 22 in Dealey Plaza, the city informed them that the Sixth Floor was already doing a moment of silence and park department employees could not schedule two moments of silence at the same time.

You know. They didn't want one moment of silence to drown out the other one. Hey! Will you guys tone it down with the silence over there? In other words, the city's own permitting policies were gruesomely deformed to grant the Sixth Floor a weeklong kibosh on everybody else who wanted access. Now the city is saying that the city itself is taking over the permit that it gave to the Sixth Floor Museum.

So how'd the city do that? Did the Sixth Floor scalp it back to them or something? And anyway, how can the city hold its own permit? It seems a bit transparent for the city to tell people who want a permit, "Oh, we only had one, and we gave it to ourselves."

It gets worse. The committee's plan calls for locking down Dealey Plaza 48 hours ahead of the anniversary. The event itself will be closed to the public, accessible only to ticket-holders. I asked the mayor how many tickets they would be handing out and to whom. He said he didn't know.

No, it gets worse than that. In what I guess is an attempt to mollify the people they are shutting out, the city will set up "Jumbotrons," to use the mayor's word, meaning big TV screens around town, so that the excluded masses may gather to watch the rich people being solemn.

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Good work, Schutze. I trust this is only the first of many in a regressive loop of columns titled, "How Business and Political Players in Dallas Manipulate Media RE: JFK."

 No, I'm being a jerk. Sorry. We need to be having a conversation about this, and Schutze is leading the way. It's just very frustrating. The Dallas Morning News won't publish my letters criticizing their coverage of JFK. 

For example: 

WHY won't the DMN acknowledge they contributed to a hostile JFK atmosphere by publishing an ad for "The American Fact-Finding Committe?"

 WHY won't they tell us where to get "free" tickets to The 50th Ceremony? 

 WHY are they trying to discredit any JFK conspiracy theories? 

 WHY could is there a shadowy man with an umbrella outside my house? 

 Look, my point is something terrible and important happened in Dallas 22 Nov. 1963. Let's keep the debate going.


The Coalition on Political Assassinations has been applying for apermit since 2010 to hold an annual Moment of Silence and to speak truthto power on the Grassy Knoll at 12:30 pm on November 22, 2013, atradition we have continued started in 1964 by Penn Jones, Jr. an earlycritic of the Warren Commission. Our event has always been “solemn anddignified” and it has “celebrated the life and legacy of President JohnF. Kennedy”, we just think that is what got him killed. If the City ofDallas holds a Moment of Silence instead, trying to capture the crowdsand the national and international press attention they know will becoming, it will be a Perpetuity of Silence about his murder instead. Youdo not honor someone’s life by refusing to solve his assassination.Jim Schutze knows we do not “believe that the Mafia conspired withthe Soviet Union and an old man in New Orleans to assassinate JFK so LBJand the world’s homeliest mistress could move into the White House andkill Marilyn Monroe”. Our coalition includes leading forensic,ballistics, medical experts, academics, authors and researchers. Ourconclusions about conspiracy have been borne out by the House SelectCommittee on Assassinations in the 1970s and further supported by therelease of files to date under the JFK Assassination Records Act. Ourconclusions are shared by over 90% of the American public by the latestpolls, so we are not “the dissent”, the deniers are.We know a great deal more about history after five decades, theCuban Missile Crisis, the Bay of Pigs, the Kennedy administration andhis assassination five decades later, and we rely on documented evidenceand facts not wild speculations. We present the best evidence at ourannual conferences in Dallas. Our annual Moment of Silence on the GrassyKnoll is always well received and peaceful.The proper site for their commemoration, and one used by the City ofDallas in the past, would be the JFK Memorial in the park behind the OldRed Records Building. If Dallas really wanted to restore its reputationglobally, they would join us, acknowledge their past errors inprosecuting and investigating the case, and call for a full release ofrecords in 2013 and a quest for the truth. The Dallas County D.A CraigWatkins could open a grand jury to investigate both crime and coverupthat happened in his city years ago. Witnesses and evidence survive.We do not seek a lawsuit or police confrontation. We only want ourFirst Amendment rights in a public park and national historical siterecognized and our event accommodated. We were first in line and if theSixth Floor Museum cedes its permit, we are next in line for ours. Wethink that silencing “conspiracy theory” as they like to call reality isa content based denial of free speech and un-Constitutional.We have been in touch with Parks & Recreation, filed yet anotherpermit application within the one-year limit, we have asked the SixthFloor Museum to accommodate us only to be told to “set aside thenational and international press attention to [JFK's] death to anothermoment” (sic!), and denied a seat on or even access to talk to theMayor’s committee so far. Mostly we have gotten silence, the very thingwe are asking permission to do for a few minutes, along with free speechto tell the truth when and where it counts.We will be visible in Dealey Plaza next year with that message inwhatever way it takes. We hope you will be there with us. Our annualconference there will be titled “50 Years is Enough! – Free the Files –Find the Truth”. This applies to JFK, MLK and RFK. Dallas wants tofreeze history at 12:29 pm on November 22, 1963, when Nellie Connally,the Governor’s wife turns to President Kennedy in the limousine on ElmStreet and says, “Well, Jack, you can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you”.Some of us still remember what happened next.

John Judge, Executive DirectorCoalition on Political AssassinationsWashington,


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I suggest we also use the jumbotrons to show Oliver Stone's JFK after the mayor speaks


Would have been better if they'd said nothing. Most of us born years after the event probably wouldn't even care much, otherwise. And can you imagine, if Larry Hagman was still alive, what they'd have tried to get him to do next year?


excellent article. great points


November 22 forever to be referred to as THE 50th.   This will bring it more up to date with one name people such as Elvis, Madonna, J Lo get the picture.  If the date is ever mentioned again in Dallas, people will say ...."Ohhh, you mean 'THE 50th'".

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

JimS dropping the bomb on Dallas on word at a time.  This whole 50th is a total joke and may set the city back 50 yrs.  World Class my ass


The 50th.  That is freaking hilarious.  I think they should class it up with Roman numerals--let's just call it "The L."  Then they can build a glamping-style tent ultra lounge in the Plaza, complete with velvet rope and passed hors d'oeuvres and somber black tablecloths.  The Dallas smart set can arrive in vintage convertible limousines.  It would all be so very tasteful.

The peons, conspiracy theorists and other so-called "citizens of D@lla$" (see what I did there?) can watch red carpet coverage on Ye Olde Jumbotron. Can't you just see it now?

Jim, you are my sunshine.


You have got my attention with an an astonishing bit of journalism here.   I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.  At the very least, I shall be following your words here at the Dallas Observer.  Well done indeed Mr. Schutze.


Bravo once again, Jim. You hit it out of the park.

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Were commerating an assassination?


No idea. But probably understandable. Dallas is a pretty image obsessed place but nowhere is that more true than for the city's elites. The JFK assassination was traumatic. I mean, it was traumatic for the nation. But it was absolutely horrifying for the people in charge of Dallas, being labeled the "City of Hate" and all. And the sheer paranoia and madness from that time are still echoing today. Most people in the city don't care, and don't think much about it, but I have to think it still has an effect on the people at the top.

Hrm. I wonder if the obsessive micro-management and top-down control (that's not surprising, it's Dallas after all) is overcompensating for having failed to prevent the assassination in the first place, and being subsequently blamed for it. It's not so much denial as it is guilt, though yeah, probably fear too. EVERYTHING IS GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN kind of thinking, maybe?

JimSX topcommenter


Mr. Judge makes many excellent points. My poor attempt at humor in characterizing the work of COPA and its members does a serious disservice to the invaluable scholarship and civic-minded leadership they have contributed over the years. I apologize for my very bad joke. I wish I could say it was the first time.  


Great idea. Recall that the movie begins with a montage that includes former General Eisenhower warning us, the American people to 'beware the growing power(s) of the military industrial complex'? And how Kennedy was against using the bay of pigs as a precursor of invading cuba, and against escalating the vietnam war? Now that's jumbotron material.



Thanks, Jim. Humor gives us perspective and keeps us alive. Keep up your good work! John Judge