New Order, October 12, Palladium Ballroom

When one of the most influential bands of all time announces they're doing a North American tour and that your town is one of the seven stops, you do everything you can to get there. When I reviewed New Order's show back in October, I opened with a note about how, despite a list of naysayers snarking about how it wasn't the true New Order, this was an opportunity for so many of us to catch one of the greats. Honestly, I don't think that says it all; I never thought I'd get to see New Order live and I'm still in shock that it happened. I'll always remember the crowd losing its mind and dancing, as a group of 50-somethings played music they had mastered during 30 years of being together. Was it the best New Order show to ever happen in Dallas? No, but it was the best one I'll ever have chance to see. JAIME-PAUL FALCON

Kendrick Lamar, October 31, South Side Music Hall

Ronald Shannon Jackson at the Kessler, July 2012
Paul Quiqq
Ronald Shannon Jackson at the Kessler, July 2012

Kendrick Lamar's Dallas outing this Halloween arrived just a week after the release of his major label debut, Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City. But this show wasn't one of Dallas' best of the year because of the headliner alone. What really set this show apart was how well it illustrated the strong love Dallas rap fans have for the culture. -topic was added on the bill as opener in a truly democratic move. Texas rap promotion powerhouse Scoremore was barraged by Dallas rap fans on Twitter, insisting that -topic would best represent the local scene. Alongside Dallas dream-rap staple Dustin Cavazos, the warm-up acts did just that. Kendrick Lamar fed the crowd's energy level, as they sang every lyric in near perfect time, holding up newly purchased copies of GKMC. VANESSA QUILANTAN

Public Image Ltd, November 1, Granada Theater

John Lydon wailed, cajoled and grimaced his way through all of Public Image's "hits," beginning with "This is Not a Love Song," and after that the band took hold of the (surprisingly not sold out) crowd and pummeled it into post-punk goo. Lydon's vocals were just OK, as reverb (somewhat) compensated for his lack of range, but vocals were never his strong suit. Lydon is still all about presence. DARRYL SMYERS

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