After I confessed to him that I hadn't ever engaged an artist in a Twitter battle before, he confessed to the same.

"At first, when I saw your tweet and some of things that other people were replying with, I was taken aback a bit," he said. "But even though 'Cowtown' may not be the best song I have, I know that we can pull it off live and that the song isn't a product of studio tricks, which is often the case in mainstream country these days. I decided it would be cool to invite a writer out to a show and have him see that we can pull that song off, put on a great live show and maybe win him over."

With 20 years in the music industry under his belt, it's not surprising Ducas has a level head when it comes to critics and the unpredictable nature of the music industry. The manner in which music can bring people together — even if they don't share the same taste — is no mystery.

George Ducas has a storied career.
George Ducas has a storied career.

It seems everything related to music is now streaming and sharable, and yet the live show and the ability to connect with individuals through a love of music is something that remains unassailable. Ducas embraces that notion with class. When on stage at Fat Daddy's, the band had no trouble backing up Ducas' big tweets. Filling his tightly performed set with tunes that he's either known for writing (Radney Foster's "Just Call Me Lonesome,") or the song that started this whole thing, "Cowtown," he and his band were a well-oiled country rock machine

"It was a first-time thing for me to go through this with a writer," Ducas said. "But I like passion, which is what I felt in those tweets of yours. I feel like this isn't the last time we'll have a beer at a show."

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Well, that's three minutes of my life I'll never get back. What a waste of journalism. Who the f*** cares if a writer feuds with a singer on Twitter? How is that news, or how is that even remotely interesting? Who's the editor of this rag? Is this what passes for music journalism these days? Zzzzz.

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