Race For Her Approval

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Texas Motor Speedway

3545 Lone Star Circle
Justin, TX 76247

Category: Sports and Recreation

Region: Fort Worth

If you and your significant other are rich, or just bonded over that movie Crash, why not up the adrenaline with an expensive car rental this Valentine's Day? Exotic Driving Experience has a deal where you can rent one exotic car (Ferrari, Lamborghini, or other vehicles with pasta-like names), and then get a second rental at half-price. Ladies: Maybe you could wear one of those pleather jumpsuits that zips up the front — you know, like from the GoDaddy commercials. Dudes: Maybe you could wear one too. Because really, girls just want guys who can make them laugh. These rentals happen on the interior loop of Texas Motor Speedway (3545 Lone Star Circle, Fort Worth) and they range in price based on which car you pick. Visit exoticdriving.com to learn more.
Thu., Feb. 14, 2013
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