Southern Dallas' Uncounted Workers

The feds say these people aren't in the labor force. That doesn't mean they're not working hard.

She believes many of the young people around her could profit by the example she and her daughter set for them. "They need to sit down and teach some of these kids how to work and do things.

"I survive by this hand and our father, no more, no less. I'm blessed when I got it, and I'm blessed when I don't. And I got patience enough to thank God for what he give me."

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I used to work with a "Wanda Joyce James" about 10-12 years ago parking cars. She would be the right age for this person you interviewed to be her and I know she lived in South Dallas. Curious. 


sounds like most of them are doing what they choose to do.  good for them.  


I am trying to figure out what JS has done here.  Supposedly a journalist is someone who reads the news releases of various gov't and private organizations and then paraphrases them in the articles they write.  Sort of glorified sock puppetry.  

In this case, JS has gone out, pounded the pavement and talked to people, asking questions along the way.  Very curious and interesting enough for me to come back for more of this.  Whatever it might be, I would like to see more.

Jim Schutze is a liar.  Ok, maybe in his old age he's just confused.  Either way, he's dead wrong.  The dole is more lucrative than ever.  Welfare spending has increased year over year for as long as I care to remember regardless of the condition of the economy.  Check out this pack of "takers" brawling over a place in line.  Notice the new high end basketball shoes, clothes and expensive cell phones.


I have empathy for these people, having struggled financially all my life, but I've always had a work ethic, instilled in me by my mom and I've worked off and on since I was 12. I've bee fired, laid off, quit; etc. but I've never given up and panhandled. However, there are those with such mental conditions and those who are not willing to give up their addictions in order to work. Then there are the scammers who are so good at conning people that you don't know you've been conned till it's too late. I used to fall for these people. The problem these days is you don't know who's scamming you and who really needs help.


Perhaps these folks should be speaking to students, unless the students want to get into the car detailing/box folding/drinking beers while your girlfriend works business, in that case they should speak to them seems all but one started on this road from is the lesson...Go to prison - Go to car wash??

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Interesting peek into that lifestyle. I know a few hustlers that "work" under the radar.

My wife and I often chuckle about how much energy one such friend expends avoiding "real" work and what he could accomplish if he directed that energy in a positive direction. But, hey, he's sticking it to the man, I guess.

JimSX topcommenter


I did. They were not forthcoming on this topic. But you raise a fair point. By the way, if you were washing cars with a rag and bucket, would you report your income? Just asking. 


@JimSX @cantkeepthetruthdown I wouldn't be washing cars with a rag and a bucket. I've done various low paying jobs when I was younger though. I reported. And collected.

So in a sense it's better that they don't file. It's a few bucks less of other people's money being taken. 

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