Style By the Spoonful

John Tesar's newest project is potentially a North Dallas pearl

The way he describes it, Spoon is the first Dallas project Tesar can really call his own. While his rise at The Mansion was marked by a celebrated five-star review, his fall was marred by disagreements with hotel managers and owners, and his time at The Commissary in the Arts District was hampered by a quirky concept that tried to straddle burgers (oh, the burgers) and fine dining.

John Tesar is off to a great start with Spoon.
Lori Bandi
John Tesar is off to a great start with Spoon.


Spoon Bar and Kitchen

8220 Westchester Drive, 214-368-8220, 5-10 p.m. Sunday and Tuesday-Thursday, 5-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday. Closed Monday. $$$$

Half-dozen seasonal oysters $19

Tuna carpaccio $24

Diver scallop $13

Cuttlefish pasta $32

Dessert $12

At Spoon, the chef started with a blank slate, a mostly silent partner and an open shell of a restaurant. The victories and blunders are his alone to celebrate and correct. Tesar seems at home here, and beauty and the potential for greatness simmer in his kitchen.

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Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Went today and it is exceptional from start to finish (a complete food experience);  quality ingredients prepared to perfection.  Hands down better than Oak and better than Stampede 66.  Expensive yes but expensive like Las Vegas or New York is expensive but without the travel and without the attitude.


Like seeing a star chef actually working and cooking in the kitchen, instead of standing back and having an army do the work for them


I absolutely despise restaurants that don't list their prices on the menu (that's the case with their on-line  menu; hopefully they have prices on the menus in the restaurant).