Finding Mr. Wright

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Will Call for Dallas Modern Home Tour

6720 Greenwich Lane
Dallas, TX 75230

Category: Retail

Region: North Dallas

While other kids played house you drifted off, dreaming of a xeriscape yard, minimalist furniture and an angular home built brilliantly into a rocky hill. There, your toys would hide in tucked-away wall cubbies with click-open, fingertip technology. Your dog would be hypoallergenic and match the rug positioned underneath your imaginary boomerang table. And your future husband, Frank Lloyd Wright, would be there, preparing you a grilled cheese sandwich. Because some of you refused to settle for blase architecture fantasies even back then, there is now an adult weekend activity of choice for the aesthetically nerdy. At the Second Annual Dallas Modern Home Tour you’ll see Japanese-style tubs, a downpour of natural light and homes that simply glow with their own inherent beauty. Tickets range from $30 to $40. Pro tip: Wear matching socks. These are “shoes off” homes. Visit
Sat., March 2, 2013
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