The 11 Busiest (and Buzziest) Days in Texas Music

From 35 Denton to SXSW, Snoop to Spillover, traversing Texas in search sonic bliss.

Either way, I saw a cloud of smoke erupt during "Lookin' Out My Back Door," a sight that would make Jeff Lebowski smile that beardy smile. And a show with True Believers (Alejandro Escovedo's lost '80s band), Junior Brown and Bobby Bare Sr. as support was just a slice of all right.

By the way: True Believers were delightfully loud, and their return to the stage is welcome. Craig Hlavaty

This was my first time braving Greenville Avenue for St. Patrick's Day. I was expecting it to be bad. What I was not expecting was the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah. As I, the only sober person on the entirety of Greenville, struggled through a crowd roughly comparable to the population of Ireland itself (and way more drunk), I reflected that getting here earlier to drink might have been a better idea. At least that way I'd be stumbling into as many people as were stumbling into me. I didn't even know about open container laws. I could have brought one beer, just to numb the pain. But no, I was a 30-minute wait from sustenance at anywhere that might possibly have been selling beer. Color me unprepared. Gavin Cleaver

Keeping that spring break spirit alive.
Stephen Masker
Keeping that spring break spirit alive.


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As hundreds of people waited in line to be granted entrance into the Energy Square parking lot to see Snoop Dogg — or is it Lion? This is all very confusing — Badfish, the sublime Sublime cover band, were playing that one date-rape song. Everyone was snaking around a seemingly infinite labyrinthine line created by metal guard rails. A drunk Irishman-for-a-day high fived everyone behind him. "High five if you want gonorrhea!" he told all, as Badfish finished their song: "And he now takes it in the behind ..." Brian Rash

As the sun started to drop, Snoop Dog launched into his and Wiz Khalifa's hit "Young, Wild and Free," and the amassed crowd of wobbly Dallasites began lustily singing along to this melodic ode to immature deeds, grinding on each other with a carelessness only seen in broad daylight on this special, debaucherous holiday.

It was a strangely emotional battle cry, Snoop calling for the masses to live the day and night young, wild and free — to smoke weed, to get hammered, to go out and not come back till they make you. It elicited raucous cheers as the music played him out. If there's one thing you can take from Snoop's set, the guy is a pro.

Then he left, and Greenville swallowed everyone whole. Jaime-Paul Falcon

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Sunday, March 17

As my view of the Dallas skyline was obscured first by a palm tree and then by Vietnam's fuzzy haze of feedback and joy — and I realize a sound can't obscure vision, but I'm writing meaningful stuff here, just go with it — in my head I compared my current predicament to the apocalyptic scenes on Greenville from the day before and made several decisions about what it is I want from life. Basically, I want more sparsely populated beach festivals and fewer million-man marches in favor of alcohol and the color green.

Zechs Marquise rounded out the night with a fantastic set heavy on the funk that seems an inherent feature of the Rodriguez-Lopez gene pool. The crowd was relatively sparse, but the good times were still flowing.

God bless you, Spillover, and all that sail within you. Gavin Cleaver

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left out was the incredible Nick Cave show on the 14th, which  justified not going to Southby 

primi_timpano topcommenter

Best SxSW show I saw was the Split Squad and the Minus 5. Excellent reminder of rock and roll at its exuberant best.

It is too big. There is no way to bar hop around town to catch acts, but it has been this way for the past couple of years. I suggest hanging at the Continental/San Jose/Yard Dog, especially during the day. Every Saturday Mojo Nixon hosts an extravaganza at the Continental. People line up before 9:30am to catch the awesome Allen Oldies Band open and stay to hear Mojo close. BBQ in the back, drinks in the front. R&R heaven.

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