Even after all this time, all this effort and all this turnover, the responsibilities of a band that were in their late 20s rather than the band in their early 20s that recorded the first two albums meant time had to be more carefully managed. "As we all got older, our jobs got more important, you know? We suddenly couldn't just quit jobs to go on tour, or take three weeks off to do a record," Rougeux says. While the first two Whiskey Folk albums were recorded live, this one was the result of all the band members recording their parts separately according to their varying schedules, and even uses the dreaded click track. "I worried it might not sound as live and exciting as the first two records," Rougeux says, "but I think it came out sounding great." And it really does.

Whiskey Folk Ramblers’ lineup has seen plenty of turmoil.
Jordan Fraker
Whiskey Folk Ramblers’ lineup has seen plenty of turmoil.

The piano that has already passed into Whiskey Folk Ramblers legend gives the record a real pop, and opens up a whole new sound to them. Before, with an accordion, the songs might have veered into shanties. With the saloon piano they are firmly in a Texas bar, bashing out infectious fast-paced folk numbers while the men of the audience take the girls for a spin. It's precisely what a band of their ilk should be all about. If you asked me before I took the plunge and moved all the way over here from Europe what I'd like a specifically very Texas band to sound like, with all the impressions and romantic ideals I had about the state, I'm pretty sure I had in mind something like The Lonesome Underground, and I'm pretty sure that makes these guys Dallas-Fort Worth musical treasures.

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Good writeup on a great band. I'm glad to know some of that history, I had no idea. 

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