"I'm a classically trained pianist, and my classical training provides the theory foundation for many of our current compositions. Sometimes baroque, sometimes romantic, and the sometimes modern mixture of influences add to our dramatic flair."

The diverse artistic backgrounds of the band don't stop there. Seth's sister, Abbey, has long been Irish step-dancing competitively — that works as a percussive layer in the band. Home By Hovercraft also have some classical pedigree in the form of cellist Steven Ramirez and violinist Becki Howard, who has also played with Sarah Jaffe and These Machines Are Winning. Both played on the new album.

"The theatrical nature of these various art forms combining together into one band just naturally gives us that dramatic vibe," Shawn says. "Eight of the 11 songs on the album are featured in a rock musical."

Home by Hovercraft are comfortable onstage.
Dylan Hollingsworth
Home by Hovercraft are comfortable onstage.

Home By Hovercraft have a knack for finding odd little stories and creating larger-than-life art out of them.

"On The Eve [the aforementioned rock musical] germinated from an idea for a story that Seth and I had a few years back," Shawn says. "It's set around the first manned hot air balloon flight during the time of Marie Antoinette. The balloon flight was 'manned' by a rooster, a duck and a sheep named Monteciel. We figured if the sheep had a name, then something really amazing must have been going on."

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