What was this headline performance? It was a proper rock concert. While showmanship has its place, there's no substitute for the actual part where all the men play their instruments well and the songs hit home. You know when one thing makes an entire trip worthwhile, and you suddenly feel contented when you hadn't realized you were particularly discontented? This was that thing. AiC got a rapturous reception throughout, and there was even a brief hello to the crowd from a native Oklahoman, the Rooster himself, Jerry Cantrell Sr. (GC)


12:15 a.m. It's always best at festivals like these when you go looking for the party in the campsite rather than let it come to you. Directly around us were several bands, the longest-running flip cup tournament of all time, a tiki-tent of some sort complete with bar and swimming pool, an official Jägermeister tent and RV, Miss Rocklahoma and endless other gazebos and small tent villages put together by friends. All of them were welcoming and friendly, and at least they weren't the guy next to us who seemingly spent the entire festival sleeping directly underneath his truck. (GC)

Bullet for my Valentine put on a considerably better show than Guns N' Roses.
Jeremy Ruggaber
Bullet for my Valentine put on a considerably better show than Guns N' Roses.

1:40 a.m. The future Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Sherry Keys didn't plan to get married at Rocklahoma. Originally, the Pittsburg, Kansas, couple had intended for the festival to be their honeymoon, but circumstances had arisen and they decided to have the wedding in a field at the event. When word of this got to festival organizers they decided they could do better for the couple, so that's how they ended up backstage at 2 a.m., Paul in a black tux with a red tie, Sherry looking resplendent in white and sequins, waiting for a band to finish so they could be ushered on stage to exchange their vows. Another, The Chimpz, would serve as the official witnesses.

As soon as the band was finished, the happy couple was rushed on stage and a local official read them their vows. When Paul was instructed to kiss Sherry to seal the ceremony, the crowd erupted. As Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" played over the P.A., the couple had their first dance to cheers, catcalls and applause. (JPF)

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