Beggs has managed and booked talent for several Deep Ellum venues (Gypsy Tea Room, Trees) since taking up residence in the neighborhood in 1986. "Oliver's got the artistic eye we want," Beggs says. "We all have certain skills. Kris is putting a lot more shows in here. It's all working well."

La Grange had an outsider feel to it that they wanted to eliminate, Peck says. "This is more like your homie's buddy's friend's neighborhood hangout where you know who's running it, you know who works here, you're friends with everybody and it's way more relaxed and more inviting," he says. "Very subtle changes made a huge difference."

The other half of the building space is occupied by Fuzzy's Taco Shop, which officially opened on July 22. "We partnered with Fuzzy's on the space, so that's the next piece that falls in, is having those guys open," Beggs says. "It seems like a good fit, you know, having people who know how to move tacos. We don't know food, and that was the biggest problem with La Grange."

From left to right: Youmans, Beggs and Peck.
Mark Graham
From left to right: Youmans, Beggs and Peck.

Location Info


Three Links

2704 Elm St.
Dallas, TX 75226

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Downtown & Deep Ellum

"Fuzzy's has this fool-proof business model that's kicking ass all over the metroplex," Peck says. "They're locally based, the guys are great dudes, the money behind them are great dudes, it's just a legitimately nice organization."

There's also the construction on Elm Street to contend with — its scheduled completion date is summer 2014.

"They're a little rough right now and they're gonna be rough for a while," Beggs says. "But the way I look at it is the difference between us and Greenville Avenue is that Black Flag is only going to play at Trees. MBC is only going to play at Three Links. Once the sidewalks are expanded, there's patio space and things like that. This is a good time to be in Deep Ellum."

"I think it's a great time to be in Deep Ellum!" Peck echoes. "I've been in Deep Ellum for 20 years. There's never not been a great time to be in Deep Ellum, depending on what you're looking at. There's never been a year that I didn't have good times down here. There's been times where it was bad for retail shops and it's been bad for restaurants and a time when it was hard for bars, but I think between the three of us being down here for so long and being so connected with the neighborhood and everyone else that's been in the neighborhood, I think it's just a no-brainer for us to have something else going down here."

None of the guys involved thought opening Three Links would be as smooth as it was. The group took over La Grange's lease on February 1 and had their first show on March 8.

"I can say for myself, and I think I can speak for these two guys as well, when I say that we're not here to get rich," Peck says. "There are no delusions that we're gonna be bar-owner millionaires. We're gonna make a little bit, but we're gonna keep working."

"We all love Deep Ellum," Beggs says. "I think that if you want your community and your neighborhood to be better you have to be involved with it. These are guys that I know have proven track records for wanting to do good things and be a part of something good, and so it makes total sense for us."

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This is a positive thing and for the people bashing need to seriously give it up.  Oliver Peck is all but 100% true Odd Fellow and needs no guidance from any of you.  Any true Odd Fellow that is trying to assist or guide another Odd Fellow would never subject the other to harmful or hurtful words.  Remember the obligation that you took to not subject your brother to the value of anything? and please include your name and Lodge Number as only one would do when trying to help.  Also, have you ever thought that the information that was taken was written or printed in error.  And there is no international about it.  We are in 29 Countries.  Europe was Chartered only in 2006 by the Sovereign Grand Lodge in Winston-Salem, NC they now have 8 Grand Lodges and over 95 THOUSAND members.  Not to mention Australasia, Mexico, Cuba, Philippines.  Seems others need to know more about the Order than others.  Please let these fine young men do what they do, they are doing it right.  Not to mention the Lodge they belong to in Waxahachie is one of the strongest in Texas.

Lance Haley

Terrell #232  


My only awareness of Odd Fellows is from driving down I.O.O.F. Street in Denton, back in college.  Cool Story.


Peck you got some of it right.....




"Visit the sick, Relieve the Distressed, Bury the dead, and Educate the Orphan"........

"to elevate the character of man"

Those are the Tenants of Odd Fellowship

there is no "international" involved if its here in the U.S. ..You also have missed the mark in some areas. If youd like to know more and have this corrected us active ODD FELLOWS would appreciate it

I AM AN ODDFELLOW .........i am also a member of the "Encampment" as well as the "Patriarch Militant" I am a Past Grand and and have held office at the state level as well. i would love to talk to you avout this i find it cool as hell that your interested in Odd Fellowship...we are still very alive and have lodges all over the United States and the world

i can be contacted at...


Stoked I got my Three Links shirt, Fuzzy's opened (already been) & just renewed my lease! Gonna be a great year in Deep Ellum :)


@oddfellow105 Not sure who you are, but I was thinking many of the same things when reading the article. GET THE NAME RIGHT! 

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