Laugh Until You Pee Stadium Beer

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Gexa Energy Pavilion

1818 First Ave.
Dallas, TX 75210

Category: Music Venues

Region: Fair Park

It could be the largest comedy show ever to kick through town. Hell, it could be the largest that ever kicked through anywhere. The Oddball Comedy Festival force-tickles thousands at Gexa Energy Pavilion (1818 1st Ave.) in Fair Park on Sunday with a deeply stacked lineup. Headliner Dave Chappelle is a huge draw, sure, but so is two-headed co-headliner comedy/musical act Flight of the Conchords. Then there’s the undercard, completely filled with comedians you’d pay to see solo if given the chance: Al Madrigal, Brody Stevens, Jeffrey Ross, Chris D’Elia, Demetri Martin, Hannibal Buress, Jim Jefferies, John Mulaney and Kristen Schaal. I know what you’re thinking: Surely tickets for this show have sold out and I’ll be left alone, filling the humor void with an introspective performance art workshop, starring me and my indoor cat. But no! There’s still time for you to be a normal human and go to the show that absolutely everyone you know is going to! Visit and pick some up. They start at $40.
Sun., Aug. 25, 2013
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