How did you plan to film Mayhew’s medical procedures and recovery? It’s a delicate matter.

The doctors are all in, and the engineers behind the prosthetics have worked tirelessly for months to reach this point. We’ve been allowed a lot of clearance when it comes to filming the medical side due to the rarity of this sort of surgery. Gigantism is treatable, and so the number of giants in the world is falling. From my research, I have yet to find another account of a giant going through this process. Everything used in the surgery is custom. Even the hardware for cutting through bone had to be custom-made for Peter’s surgery. The stakes are high, but everyone knows to let the Wookiee win. Peter has already allowed the fans to see him struggle for two years getting in and out of a wheelchair. The idea of filming his recovery is not intrusive but empowering to Mayhew.

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W. Ryan Ziegler
W. Ryan Ziegler


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