At Zoli's, a Slice of Brooklyn, by the Slice

Jay Jerrier's newest pizza joint throws its dough rounds high, but they could still go higher.

Want something more substantial? Pad your meal with the fried artichokes versus the fried zucchini, which quickly fall limp. And try the grandma-style pizza, cooked in a steel pan with a chunky tomato sauce, or the Sicilian pizza, which is thicker and little more savory.

There are sandwiches, too, but not as much as Jerrier would have liked. "That's my biggest disappointment," he said when asked why they'd been pulled from the menu. "Nobody buys them." Standing in line next to slices on display while other pizzas go in and out of the ovens is a big a draw. Now you can only order a rotating sandwich of the week, but nobody seems bothered by the fact.

Catherine Downes
Catherine Downes


Zoli's NY Pizza

202 W. Davis St., 214-942-9654, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., 5-9 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., 5-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday, 5-10 p.m. Sunday. $$

Slices $3-$5

Whole pizzas $18-$26

Hero of the day $12

Salads $6-$10

Fried artichokes $8

Drop in on a Friday night, and despite the cramped quarters Zoli's feels like a cozy family restaurant. The game's on TV and everyone looks content. They're seated around tables littered with chewed-up crusts, wadded napkins stained with sauce and empty cans of beer. They're celebrating a food they've enjoyed for as long as they can remember.

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Why is pizza so polarizing? People are nuts. 

You didn't even mention the Sicilian. It's the best slice there. Please try it the next time you go.


The only time I went, it was crap pizza and over priced. Wont be back. $30.00 for a slice knots and salad is overpriced.

Rent must be through the roof!


I only went once because the first time was so disappointing. I likened it to slightly better high school cafeteria pizza. Maybe it was an off day, but all of the hype around it < I don't get it. Just because it's associated with Cane Rosso (which we can all agree is awesome), it gets an elevated perception. The food spoke for itself, lacking.


I'm a former New Yorker. Zoli's doesn't taste anything like a slice in New York, I thought it was terrible.


I adore Cane Rosso. It is greatness.

Zoli's though, it defines meh.


Just one sentence about the grandma pizza? It's by far my favorite slice in this town, I'm not aware of anything else like it around here. Cheers to Jay for coming to Oak Cliff!  

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Ate there today,  Its the 7th straight week Ive been there and Ive enjoyed every visit.  The cashier seem slightly annoyed to help us one day, but the next visit she was much better so I wrote it off as a one off.  The Knots are to die for, I order a bowl just so I can take some home.  And the salad with the lunch special is a meal by itself sometimes.