So You’re Saying Chicks Can Be Funny?

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Majestic Theatre

1925 Elm St.
Dallas, TX 75201

Category: Music Venues

Region: Downtown & Deep Ellum

Ron White, whose headshot greatly resembles a bloated Don Johnson, called Kathleen Madigan “easily one of the best comics alive.” Lewis Black agrees, and that asshole doesn’t like anything. Except rage. One of Madigan’s first appearances was in 1988 on Stand Up Spotlight hosted by a poodle-headed Rosie O’Donnell so yeah, she’s been doing this awhile. You’d think 25 years in the business would wear a gal down, but not Madigan. At this point she’s appeared on every late night show out there, she’s filmed two HBO specials, three Comedy Central specials and she participates in Salute the Troops. She’s a wholesome girl from Missouri and her comedy reflects it. She’s not vulgar or cruel, but her sarcasm is always spot-on. Madigan will be in town for one night only at 8 p.m. Friday at the Majestic Theater, 1925 Elm St. Tickets start at $41.50 and are available at
Fri., Oct. 25, 2013
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