Bigger Fish to Fry than Who Killed JFK

You want a real conspiracy? Open your eyes to today, not 1963.

The Kennedy commemoration is behind us; I have written too much about it. Now I have a confession to make, and I sincerely hope the conspiracy authors and scholars with whom I have been talking over the last year will not take this as a betrayal or a sign of disrespect for their work. But I don't care who killed JFK.

There are far bigger conspiracies right in front of our eyes with powerful impact on our times and the near future. Take, for example, the manipulation of the tax code and government regulatory policy to bleed the American middle class to the bone and siphon its resources into the pockets of job-killing mega-rich.

Take the campaign of massive disinformation designed to mask imminent environmental disaster while siphoning more resources into the pockets of the job-killing mega-rich. Take the incessant marketing of warfare as a profit-center for the job-killing mega-rich. Take the incitement to public cowardice in the face of terrorism that is used to con us out of our most basic rights of privacy and personal liberty.

Jeremiah with a bullhorn/and a mighty fine whine.
Danny Hurley
Jeremiah with a bullhorn/and a mighty fine whine.

There is another conspiracy I need to mention, because it's a lot closer to home for me. It's a conspiracy of sycophancy and ellipsis in the dying mainstream media industry — shading things to provide comfort to their last remaining major advertisers and important reader constituencies and leaving things out that might be discomforting. I'm as big a fan of The New York Times as anybody I know, because it's the best I can get, but I must never forget that the Times huckstered the Iraq War to me as the only way to stop Saddam from using his nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.

In fact all of the big media with the sole exception of the Knight Ridder Newspapers Washington Bureau sold us that line while proudly showing us pictures of their reporters in full battle dress embedded with the American military. Take that chapter alone, marry it to the revelations of surveillance whistle-blower Eric Snowden, and all of a sudden it is reasonable to assert that the average person in America today is exposed to less truth and subject to more invasive personal spying than ever before in the history of the republic.

Those conspiracies are clear and present, comprehensible and provable. They are massive in their impact on the lives of the living and those yet to be born. There's a whole bunch of money out there devoted to squeezing down what you and I can know about them and expanding what they can know about us, and that is a challenge right in front of our eyes right now in our own times.

It's crazy to think we can find some magic key to an invisible inner universe buried in the sands of the 1960s. And it seems to me that worrying about who shot JFK a half century after it happened is irresponsible where it serves to deflect attention from the here and now.

That's why, if you unearthed a provable JFK assassination conspiracy and laid it out for me piece by piece, my interest would barely rise to the level of nickel and dime novelty. It's just too far gone in time.

Of course by now all of the parties responsible for the 50th JFK commemoration at Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas last Friday are congratulating themselves for the seamless passage of the event, especially for its tasteful dignity and the fact that the whole thing went by and we didn't have a ... there was no ... we avoided any kind of a ...

We avoided what? Remind me again what we were avoiding. We assembled enough marching policemen, paddy wagons and high-tech spyware for a full-scale North Korean succession of power. And we were trying to make sure there wasn't a what again?

One of the organizers made the brilliant observation early on in this process that there was not enough security at Dealey Plaza 50 years ago (talk about 20/20 hindsight). I believe the expression was something to the effect that we would not want to allow tragedy to strike again.

What tragedy? Shoot Kennedy again?

Let me tell you two things about the security Friday. It was piss-poor. And it was never intended to prevent a security breach or terror event anyway.

If it was anti-terrorism security, then why was I able to get myself into the pre-party at the Meyerson Symphony Center without going through a metal detector? Had I stayed, then presumably I would have been provided a bus ride with the other hoity-toities, replete with police VIP escort and screaming sirens all the way to Dealey Plaza — wouldn't that have been special? — where eventually I would have been asked to pass through a scanner of some sort before entering the plaza. But because they had warned me of that step beforehand, I think I might have blown up my bus full of toities on the way, had I been so inclined.

And no big problem, apparently, had I made it to Dealey Plaza and not felt like going through the scanner. Conspiracy author Jim Marrs made it right down into the center of Dealey Plaza by using the old wandering trick — just waaandering on out there. Eventually somebody did come up and ask to see his arm band, to which he said something like, "Oh, I forgot it," and, then sure, he had to leave. But he could have taken out half the rich people in the city by then.

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Sounds like Jim is very jealous of the mega rich who actually don't have near as much influence as Al Sharpton


Your list is a good one. My Dallas zine Musea has covered each and every one of those issues in it's 20 year history.  I've gotten no help from the media including this paper.  This town is tough on new ideas, on improvement, on change of any kind. I have 20 years of publishing proof of that.


kennedy is dead...three of them....lbj is dead....mlk jr is laden is dead....saddam hussein is dead....mohmar ghidaffi is dead....jimmy hoffa is dead...john tower is dead....ron brown is dead....most of the folks in the jfk period investigation and the clinton whitewater stuff are dead....and now Obama will make sure that the middle class and elderly will die sooner with worse or no healthcare provisions....we got problems....dead folks are not our problems.