Epileptics, Grab a Spoon

Texas Theatre has hit a stride, narrowing its program schedule to blend new releases with repertory films for see-’em-now-or-miss-’em-forever weekend runs. Plus, there’s always a dance party. But even three years ago when Aviation Cinemas first took the keys, they had a master plan. They would show all of that freaky, entertaining and/or important stuff you wouldn’t see on another big screen in town. For its birthday, the arthouse looks back on those opening screenings — the ones that really made an impact. This weekend they’ll show Gaspar Noé’s 2009 fever dream, Enter the Void. Now, this is great news because you only made it halfway through Void before having a neon-induced panic attack back in 2009. This is your chance to move beyond your delicate sensibilities and ride that Tokyo hellshow through to completion. Or at least to drink your way through it, because Texas Theatre has a bar. See it Thursday night only, in 35-mm. It’s $10 or $5 for members. TT’s also showing Dogtooth on December 12 and Rare Exports on December 19 for this anniversary series, so if you buy a membership at Enter the Void, you get all three for free. Visit thetexastheatre.com.
Thu., Dec. 5, 2013

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