Old Enough To Know Better

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500X Gallery

500 Exposition Ave.
Dallas, TX 75226

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Downtown & Deep Ellum

Some of art history’s richest points of creativity came from fringe artists uniting. The Fluxists? Those kids were dope. How about the artwork that showed at the Salon des Refusés? Those were the pieces that changed history. And what about that gallery at 500 Exposition Ave. in Dallas? A member-run space that’s been operating for 35 consecutive years: That’s a big deal. Not only has 500X been the launch pad for countless local artists, it’s been a space for collaboration, community and creativity. Plus, it proves that we have some pretty driven talents around these parts. Saturday night, the gallery celebrates the milestone with a show called Creative Differences: 35 Years at 500X, featuring work from 29 known 500X alums, like Tom Orr, Nic Nicosia, Simeen Farhat, Frances Bagley, Randall Garret and others. Adding on to the torch-passing theme is a downstairs play on collaboration between Don Taylor, who was a member in the ’80s, and John Taylor, his son and the first “legacy artist” at 500X. The show stays up through the holidays, ending January 5. The opening reception runs from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday. Visit 500x.org.
Sat., Dec. 7, 2013
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