What would Llewyn make of his rival cavorting with Adriana Lima? Isaac knows — he’s met a real Llewyn, kinda. On another film set, he noticed an extra cast as a barfly. In between takes, the prickly old man would pick up a guitar and play exactly the kind of folk songs Isaac was trying to learn. Isaac introduced himself and discovered the man, Erik Frandsen, was a friend of Van Ronk’s who still plays open mics and lives in a rent-controlled apartment above the Gaslight Cafe, which the Coens re-created for the film.

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“I go to his place, and it’s like a time capsule: There’s all these old guitars and all these records stacked everywhere,” beams Isaac. “He’ll go to these clubs and play, and if he see some kid who shows some promise, he’ll invite him over and teach him what he knows. And I think that’s what Llewyn would do, too.”

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Dave Van Ronk an "almost was"????  Oh, come now.  To many of us in this music niche called folk he was a major player.   Llewyn Davis, though singing song from Van Ronk's albums in the movie, was a very different person that Van Ronk.  Just because the Coen's took some incidents from Van Ronk's memoirs and had them happen to Davis does not make this fictional account "loosely based".    An "almost was"???   Sheesh!


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