Irving's Everest Restaurant Is a Worthy Trek

Traversing Himalaya in search of something big, bold and BYOB.

All of these dishes are served with toasted soybeans dressed in pungent mustard oil and lemon juice, and a potato salad with crunchy squash, stained yellow with turmeric. There's also rice that's been cooked, flattened and then dried, which makes for arid plates that taste like they might have been prepared at 26,000 feet, and verge upon too salty. This food is certainly rustic, but it will appeal to those who appreciate scouring the suburbs hunting for obscure, less polished cuisines.

You can get your dumplings steamed or fried. Just get them, OK?
Catherine Downes
You can get your dumplings steamed or fried. Just get them, OK?

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Everest Restaurant

3310 W Rochelle Rd
Irving, TX 75062

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Region: Irving & Las Colinas


Everest Restaurant

3310 W. Rochelle Road, Irving, 972-255-1717. 11 a.m.-11 p.m. daily. $$

Onion bhaji $1.99

Goat masala $9.99

Goat shekwa $7.99

Goat momo $5.99

Gulab jamum $1.99

Not that the hunt is over when you walk through the door. With more than 100 items on the menu, there are plenty of new treasures to be found after a handful of return visits. Be sure to check out the onion bhaji, which are small fritters of besan flour filled with sliced onions that stick out like the arms of sea creatures. Or the chile pakora that will remind you of jalapeño poppers except they're filled with potato curry and served with tamarind chutney. Either snack will set you back $1.99, which is a good indication of the pricing here, with few items costing more than $10, and most entrées hovering at a few dollars less. You can get as lost in the menu as you can in the mountains of Nepal. Thankfully for you, it's considerably easier to find your way home from Everest the restaurant.

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One of our favorite places to eat!  Momo is a must-have, but we order the chicken (steamed) and veggie (fried) ones. Both are fantastic. You'll see people getting to-go orders of JUST momo when you go there.

My wife is vegetarian and she likes their dal makhani or malai kofta for entree, and I almost always get the choila, Himalayan BBQ chicken essentially, which you left out of the Himalayan tiffin. It's a lot less exotic than goat head, I admit, but it's delicious and super affordable. The toasted soybeans side-dish, bhatmas sadekho, is one of my favorite foods ever, really. Sometimes I do venture away from the choila, and one of my other favorites there is a curry soup experience called thukpa that is pretty amazing.

Glad to see your coverage of this hidden gem!


Awesome, thanks for this find. Please keep up the writing of the hole in the wall Asian spots, I'm always looking for new ones. There's sometimes a fine line between new-age/trendy/Americanized and dingy/canned veg type of places.

In DFW, I've been on the lookout for Burmese cuisine and a dish called Hainanese Chicken Rice which is  typically a Malaysian/Singaporean staple. Anyone?


The best chicken rice I had was at a food stall at the Thai Buddhist temple on Sundays. He's the guy in the middle stall. No idea how authentic it is but it's so damn good. I've also had it at the Legacy food court at Coconut Island.