At Glass Boot Biergarten, Big Boots to Swill

A new German-themed bar tries to extend Oktoberfest forever.

From the rest of the menu, a mix of flatbreads and sandwiches, there are no standouts, unless you reach for the Bavarian nachos. The kitchen has already proved to be deft with non-shredded spuds, and here they're sliced nickel-thin, fried and topped with cheese, sausage, tomatoes and onions. They're better than most Tex-Mex versions you'll find around town, but they're not captivating enough to elicit a visit on their own, unless, of course, you've come for the beer drinking in the first place.

Location Info


Glass Boot Biergarten

1804 McMillan Ave
Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75205

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Park Cities


Glass Boot Biergarten

1804 McMillan Ave., 214-826-2437, 4 p.m.-2 a.m. Monday-Friday, noon-2 a.m. Saturday, 11 a.m.-midnight Sunday. $$

Bavarian nachos $11

Sausages $9-$11

Bavarian pretzel $12

This is the Glass Boot Biergarten, after all, and they do serve beer in massive boot-shaped glasses, along with sizable glass mugs. Happy hour and other specials make drinking here easy on the wallet, too, which may explain why the crowds are biggest here after work and during brunching hours on the weekend, though the place is still new. By fall, you might see customers drinking later into the evening. And with a little work on the menu, this place could be worthy of breaking out the lederhosen.

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Has anyone tried the new restaurant in Preston Center, Peak's Wood Fired Grill?  This is our new favorite, the best thing on the menu being the jumbo lump crab cake with a spicy remeloude sauce.  The burgers and pork chop have great wood-grilled flavor. 


Scott, I'm sure that you, like me, were excited to learn about an "authentic" biergarten coming to Henderson.  However, after reading the menu, not sure why/what compelled you to review a "biergarten" that serves authentically German "bavarian nachos", buffalo & chipotle cheddar chicken "wursts", pizza and "bier wings", and $12 pretzels, and also does not serve litres of beer. Yee haw, us Dallas diners can't fathom a restaurant that don't serve nachos!  Most predictable review ever.


They are also vegan-friendly (gasp) - they carry vegan sausages and other toppings.