10 Dallas Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

10 Dallas Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

Chances are, you have a smart phone, and considering the fact that Instagram has over 200 million monthly users, you probably have one of those too. But with that many people using what is essentially a global photo album you might have a hard time avoiding the awkward side of Instagram.

Blurry selfies, black frames and an seemingly endless amount of unappetizing food photos are around every corner. So we decided to help you skip the Internet equivalent of that one photo your mom has of you from when you were a baby, (you know, the one where you're naked and somehow got a hold of a stick of butter?) and move straight to the good stuff. We gathered ten of the most creative, artistic and down right odd, local instagram acounts. So let's skip through those first few years of puberty and head straight to senior prom!

newfumes It seems like everyone is switching over to vinyl these day, but local IDM musician and Daniel Huffman (aka New Fumes) isn't spinning your grandma's wax. The records that Huffman pours are works of art even before the needle drops, and he goes even further by molding the defective psychedelic disks in to awesome sculptures.

10 Dallas Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

janikphoto Jason Janik is known for his mad skills behind the camera, but his Instagram shows a different side of a man known around town for his stunning portraits. He lets his artistic side peek out in hypnotic close-ups of tasty berries and other everyday objects, all beautifully composed within the Instagram's iconic square format.

10 Dallas Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

joeyseeman You know that guy you always see at the bar who's permanently trapped in the past? The guy who can't stop talking about that one time they saw Axel Rose leaving the mens' room? That's kind of what you get with Joey Seeman, with one exception: Joey Seeman is a badass. His photos are an eclectic mix of crude and sentimental with a dash of pure punk rock.

10 Dallas Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

iamthezizz When you hear the words "commercial photographer," you probably don't have many names pop into your head. Luckily, Jonathan Zizzo, is the kind of name that bores itself into your brain, and his photos do the exact same. There is something for everyone with Zizzo. He posts gems from his extensive archive (like Bill Murray crashing a "cave party") and anything else this man of mystery runs into, along the way.

10 Dallas Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

theerinmargaret Up-and-coming photographer, Erin Margaret, is simply put amazing. Her portrait work is hauntingly beautiful and full of life. There isn't much else I can say it, her work speaks for itself, and everyone in the DFW area should keep an eye out for anything and everything that comes from this talented Little Rock native.

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