2 To 3 Miles Of Adventure

Now's the time of year when you suddenly notice it. That first day at the pool, all these months of being out of the sun and too lazy to meet your buddy for golf, tennis or a bike ride become painfully obvious. Or maybe you're one of those obsessive-compulsive over-exercisers who never misses a long morning run. In either case, Saturday's Pure Sport Texas State Championship Adventure Race (damn, that's a long name) at White Rock Lake would almost certainly rock your world. Depending on which level you choose it includes a 2- to 3-mile trail run, a 7- to 14-mile mountain bike trek and a 20- to 35-minute canoe course--plus "mystery events." The entry fee is $75 per person ($150 per team). For more information and to register visit terrafirmapromo.com/events/sprint.
Sat., May 30, 2009


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