They got the beat: Millennium turns 20 with the help of Frump.
They got the beat: Millennium turns 20 with the help of Frump.

20 Years Young

These chicks dig rock and roll. These chicks also play rock and roll. But, beyond that, these chicks have rocked little folks to sleep and rolled the occasional stroller. That's because these chicks are Frump, Dallas' own all-mom garage band. Now imagine asking your mother to turn down that amp so you could have some peace and quiet. That seems about as likely as a store offering 40 percent off everything in stock for an entire month.

On Friday both of these usually unheard of events--rocker moms and generous discounts--can be witnessed during Millennium's 20th anniversary bash. Store owner David Hynds, who took over Millennium after his brother's death in 1996, offers extended store hours Friday to kick off the month-long celebration. Plus, just around the corner from the store at 840 First Ave., Frump kicks out the maternal jams.

Millennium can honestly boast "20 Years of the Mod, the Odd and the Ugly." It has supplied movie props and helped the Dallas Museum of Art fill out sections of its modern design collection. Several Oliver Stone flicks have employed various items from the Fair Park shop. Just check out the shades on the Secret Service guys in JFK. And as for the ugly? Well, that's totally subjective with that age-old "one man's trash is another man's treasure" thing.



3601 Parry Ave.

Millennium begins its month-long anniversary celebration with a party featuring Frump from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday. The sale continues through January 28. Call 214-824-3283.

This first storewide sale marks Millennium's completion of two decades as one of Dallas' treasure troves for midcentury enthusiasts. And, yes, that 40 percent thing is true. In fact, it's true until January 28, not just one night. But, with the mom garage-band thing happening for one night only, Friday is definitely the time to go.

Suzie Riddle, drummer of Frump and wife to Hynds, started Frump when she asked friends if they played instruments. Frump had the original goal to play Riddle's 40th birthday party, and the band took off from there. All moms in their 40s, Frump claims to be a group of women who need to make some noise. And they do. While together they have a repertoire of songs, both originals and covers, they also have a small army of children and the odd grandchild to raise and pamper. If there's anything that requires some time off to wail away with some punky and poppy tunes, it's child rearing. After four hours playing at December's White Rock Marathon, they obviously have the stamina to play for some cutthroat sale shoppers.

So schedule some time Friday night for this collection of oddities both visual and aural, meaning "oddities" in the very best way. Skip the dinner and a movie, nix the art opening you're just attending to be nice and check out something truly worth your time and money. That's 40 percent off of everything and a band that harnesses its members' collective maternal fervor and channels it into some serious rocking out. Seriously, did we mention the 40 percent off antiques and collectibles? Wipe the drool off your chin from that turkey coma and get your holiday gift money together for a little thriftin' and a lot of rockin'. Besides, that New Year's bubbly hangover only lasts until about noon on the second anyway. You have no excuse.


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