25 Signs It's (Sort of) Fall in Dallas

Pumpkins = Fall
Pumpkins = Fall

You noticed. Something about last week felt different. That's cause it's fall, you dummy. Here are 25 signs of the new season.

25. Triple digit weather grows scarce or non-existent on the 10-day forecast. Who knew highs of 90 could sound so good?

24. You don't have to strip off that jacket you wear indoors because of the A/C overcompensation the minute you step outside.

23. Non-coffee drinkers rotate into your work coffee run, because Pumpkin Spice.

22. Lakewood Brewing Company's Punkel.

21. Big Tex's face is on every lamp post in town.

20. You're late to work because you forgot about school zones.

19. SMU basic girls instagraming in the Arboretum pumpkin patch, throwing fluffs of still-green foliage in the air.

18. That dead tree in your backyard the drought killed is one day closer to looking in season.

Upcoming Events

17. Women break out their pink Cowboys jerseys.

16.That one friend mentions an event called "Disturbathon." Rumors include disemboweled animals, nudity, and strobe lights. You wrinkle your nose and nod politely.

15. Your roommate starts hiding his weed in the pumpkin you carved with your girlfriend.

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