A-a-and They’re Off. A-a-and They’re Drunk.

Do you hear the hoof steps? No, it’s not half-price meal days at Golden Corral — it’s The Kentucky Derby. On Saturday, Sissy’s Southern Kitchen & Bar (2929 N. Henderson Ave.) celebrates ponies and gambling with its second annual Jockeys & Juleps. In the spirit of Southern hospitality (re: talking shit behind your back), Sissy’s will serve up the most divine of all drinks for just $7 from 3 to 6 p.m., including Sissy’s Mint Julep, Kentucky Punch, Presbyterian Bourbon Press and Alabama Sunset. Everyone in attendance is encouraged to don their Derby finery and a special prize will be awarded to the best outfit. Fun fact to bore your friends: The KD is the only race in the Triple Crown series that has run every year since 1875. Reservations for the party aren’t necessary, but are encouraged for dinner. Visit sissyssouthernkitchen.com.
Sat., May 4, 2013


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