A Boy, A Beach And Michael Jackson. Don’t Worry, It’s Fine.

Filmed in a Maori village near the Bay of Plenty, Boy is New Zealand’s most discussed indie offering to hit American theaters this year. The story is endearing and set in 1982, at the height of Michael Jackson fandom, which — along with shows like Dallas and Dynasty — have hit this impoverished village with a brisk whack of pop culture. A child named Boy and his younger brother Rocky live with their Nana. Before their father (director and writer Taika Waititi) returns home from a 7-year stint in the can, life had been fantasy-rich and laced with moonwalking. But dad isn’t quite what they expected. While he’s certainly an imaginative child-at-heart who likes to imagineer comic reenactments, he’s also running drugs with a few of his old buddies. Boy has swept up awards at film festivals across the globe, and we can see it tonight at Angelika Theater (5321 E. Mockingbird Station). Visit angelikafilmcenter.com for tickets and showtimes.
Fri., May 4, 2012


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