A G'day for Sheilas

There are countless schools of thoughts about lady “performers” — the pole-swinging girls with daddy issues, empowered glamazons, victims of the patriarchy, etc. But the academic literature is largely mum on the issue of dudes who take it (almost) all off. Performing in front of hordes of women decked out in bachelorette flair who are more prone to giggle than to leer is just not the same bag. And also … come on, it’s ridiculous. Australia’s Thunder from Down Under is an exercise in rollicking absurdity — a time for bedazzled banana hammocks, endless cocktails and moments that your girlfriends better never, ever mention outside the doors of the House of Blues (2200 North Lamar). Ogle abs of steel, moves like Jagger, and trussed- up packages like nobody’s business as the touring extension of the famed Australian male revue greases up and gets down at 8:30 p.m. June 28. Get floor tickets for $15 if you just gotta see every angle of what the Thunder has down under, purchase a $35 cabaret table seat if you need drink service (and you will need drink service), or plunk down $25 for reserved balcony seating that will allow for maximum hooting and hollering with the gals. Visit houseofblues.com for more details.
Thu., June 28, 8:30 p.m., 2012


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