A Mouthy History Lesson

Oral can be dangerous … just ask Michael Douglas or Larry David. (He got that pube lodged in his throat once, remember?) But oral can also be outrageous, as in Outrageous Oral, a storytelling showcase organized by The Dallas Way. And even though it sounds all bow-chicka-wow-wow, it’s really a history of the gay and lesbian community in Dallas. Which is the Dallas Way’s sole mission — to pass along the GLBT community struggles and successes over the years. Dallas is more than a city with JR’s and Sue Ellen’s. It’s one filled with national leaders who stood up and made a difference, and this showcase is just one way you can throw a “you go, girl” their way. This time around speakers will include a comedian, a fundraising hairstylist, a teacher/mortgage banker/activist, “an old dyke dinosaur” and a Harryette. Admission is free and the event takes places at The Rose Room at S4, 3911 Cedar Springs Road, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Thursday. Register now at thedallasway.org.
Thu., June 27, 2013


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