A Night At The Museum

Dinosaurs may not spring to life and exhibits may not run amok, but if you ever wondered what goes on after hours at a museum, this is your chance. Roll up your sleeping bag and head to The Museum of Nature & Science for Snore and Explore All Things Cold. It's a sundown-to-sunup program that lets you see how animals adapt to survive in cold climates, experiment with blubber--nature's insulator--and roam the museum on a scavenger hunt. Standard rates are $35 per child and $20 per adult chaperone, with sleepovers starting January 8. The museum even offers customized programs to fit whatever piques your interest. For more information and to reserve your place, call 214-428-5555 or visit natureandscience.org.
Fri., Jan. 8; Sat., Jan. 9; Sat., Jan. 16; Sat., Jan. 23; Sat., Jan. 30; Fri., Feb. 5; Sat., Feb. 6; Fri., Feb. 12; Sat., Feb. 13, 2010


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