A Positively Charming Slaughter

“Taxidermy mannequins, foam, push pins, fake roses, poured plastic, glitter” are the listed ingredients in “Cluster,” a piece by Ann Wood that straddles the line of installation and sculpture. Wood’s tendency to draw from multiple conflicting influences is what gives her work its interesting points of juxtaposition, which you can explore in her new rococo-on-acid show Gild, opening at Kirk Hopper (3008 Commerce St.). In “Cluster” the Galveston-based artist gives us a scene ripped straight from the pages of American historical painting, reinterpreted through sculpture, as a small herd of deer is disrupted, panicked and leaping over one another in attempt to escape an out-of-frame aggressor. It’s brutal, disturbing and oddly charming as the at-risk game are covered with a soft, whipped frosting-like appearance and about to stumble into a poured plastic pool of glitter. It’s a crafty, peculiar take on old territory, a weaving together of the masculine and feminine. Her show will be Hopper’s Main Gallery offering. Check it out 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. during Saturday’s opening. Visit kirkhopperfineart.com.
Sat., July 13, 2013


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