A Routine That's Anything But

Observational comedy is the bread and butter of modern stand-up. The first generation American family is also a familiar gimmick these days, so it isn’t surprising that Sebastian Maniscalco takes on both of these things. However, his routine gives them a fresh coat of paint. He finds the humor that arises from the meshing of his Italian-American family and technology, tattoos and pop culture. This, combined with his on-point critiques of people, his contorted facial expressions and self-effacing quips, has landed appearances on the Tonight Show, Conan and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Maniscalco takes the stage Thursday through Sunday, at the Addison Improv, 4980 Beltline Road. Times and ticket prices vary by performance. For tickets and more information, visit improv.com.
Aug. 23-26, 2012


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