A Secretly Nice Mean Girl

Lisa Lampanelli is coming to town and she’s bringing her big mouth with her. You know Lisa from all the Comedy Central roasts where she carves up the honored guests with her Ginsu-sharp tongue. What you may not know is that she started as a magazine editor. She switched over to stand-up because she realized she could insult people, make racial slurs and get pai-i-i-i-d. All on stage. And Momma needed some new shoes and probably a case of hair spray, because that bumpit is ridic. She’s appeared on Celebrity Apprentice where she picked fights with the best of them and once donated $50,000 — $1,000 for every Westboro Baptist member that showed up to protest her show — to Gay Men’s Health Crisis. (There were only 44. She rounded up.) It’s professional-grade shit-stirring like that that makes her show a can’t miss. Showtime is 8 p.m. Friday at The Majestic Theater (1925 Elm St.). Tickets start at $51. Visit majestic-theater.com.
Fri., April 26, 2013


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