Addison has movie and stars

No one plans to see a good movie at a drive-in. Because, according to American tradition, you should pick a flick plotless enough to convince your date that the best action's not on the screen, but in the backseat. (Anything with a title that includes the phrase "Attack of the" should do quite nicely.) Though we've never had our own "Wake Up Little Susie" moment, we've often longed to return to an era when we could toss our saddle shoes and poodle skirt out the car window in wild abandon. And at Addison's Lone Star Drive-In, we can...after a fashion. While you can't actually watch from your car, you can definitely do a little snuggling under the stars--though mind those public lewdness laws before you embrace too much drive-in spirit. Plus, you might not want to canoodle at all when there's a fine film such as Raiders of the Lost Ark to be viewed. When you combine Harrison Ford's burly, sweaty chest with bullwhips, an ancient biblical relic, ophidiophobia...mmm, let's make out. Lone Star Drive-In begins June 12 at 9 p.m. in The Bowl at Addison Circle Park, 4970 Addison Circle Drive. Admission is free, and guests are encouraged to bring a picnic. Call 972-450-7037. --Michelle Martinez

Joy Ride

If you're bored with looking at suburbanites' unsavory vehicles--SUVs--all day, come to the 29th Antique Auto Swap Meet, where classic cars of all colors, models and states of repair will gather in the name of vehicular camaraderie. This celebration of automotion will be taking place June 11 through June 13 at Traders Village, 2602 Mayfield Road in Grand Prairie, from 8 a.m. until dusk. Parking is $2 per vehicle; admission is free. Call 972-647-2331. --Mary Monigold

Blown Away
Competition bursts kids' bubbles

In the past, people have been paid to blow trumpets, whistles and, ah, you know, other instruments. Now, your kid may get paid to blow bubbles. On Saturday at all the Wal-Mart locations in Dallas, there's the Fifth Annual Dubble Bubble National Bubble Blowing Contest. If Junior's 12 or under and can blow a bigger bubble chewing Dubble Bubble bubble gum than any other Big D bubble blower, he might, eventually, compete against five other national finalists in August to see who can blow the biggest Dubble Bubble bubble of all. If he blows the biggest one there, he wins a $10,000 U.S. Savings Bond. The contest begins at 11 a.m. For locations, visit --Paul Kix

Chef Jr.
Whole Foods' kids camp is Greek to us

With the increasingly short attention spans of kids these days, it's important to enlighten whilst entertaining at any possible opportunity. And goodness knows those little scamps love to gorge themselves, so Whole Foods' Camp Cook 'Em Up for Kids is a pronged skewer of knowledge for you and the little ones. At 9:30 a.m. every Friday in June, chef Nick Show introduces a new, natural dish, with this week's being Sizzling Mini Greek Kabobs. Bathed in feta cheese, a classic Greek curd, it's a recipe fit for the mythological gods of the world's first empire, so it's certainly good enough for an adolescent mortal. Then inform your sweetie that if Cronos had devoured a Sizzling Mini Greek Kabob rather than his own offspring, he certainly wouldn't have had to vomit up all five of them later at the behest of burgeoning ruler (and avenging son) Zeus. See? Cross-education. Kids love that. Whole Foods Market is at 11661 Preston Road. Call 214-361-8887. --Matt Hursh


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