All Hail The Return of Kale

Texas is a flummoxing place to be a gardener. With abbreviated planting windows, heat waves, prehistoric-seeming insects and downright crappy soil, it’s a wonder anything grows at all. But pros know the tricks, like that fall planting is the most rewarding, underrepresented gardening cycle of the year. It’s when you get your biggest tomato harvest, a second go at spring crops and a gentle easing-in of green, leafy veggies. But doing that successfully requires a solid game plan: You need to know when and how to plant. Some things are easiest sown by seed, others are worth shelling for transplants. Learn which is which, plus how to organically wage war against common fall insects like cabbage loopers, aphids, slugs and snails Sunday, when Deep Ellum Urban Garden’s Andrea Bitthel leads the appropriately named workshop All Things Fall Gardening. It’s happening at DEUG (2630 Commerce St.) at 11 a.m. And costs $25 for non members — a small price to pay for a rewarding harvest. Visit
Sun., Aug. 18, 2013


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