Also, He Was In Real Genius

Rumor has it, Val Kilmer gave himself a haircut on stage at this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest for a scene in one of Terrence Malick’s new films, set amidst the music-loving world of the Austin festival circuit. But we’re willing to believe he really did it to prepare for his appearance at this year’s The Art of Film, an annual fundraising event held by the Dallas Film Society. An evening of cinema glitz and glamour, The Art of Film will include cocktails, a conversation with Kilmer and a super fancy dinner for the elite film fans of the region. Don your cocktail best this Friday for an evening reserved for the who’s who of the Dallas arts and culture world — and you, of course. Red carpet arrivals start at 6 p.m. with a reception, discussion and dinner to follow at the Hall of State at Fair Park (3939 Grand Ave). Tickets start at $500. Call 214-720-0555 or visit
Fri., Nov. 16, 2012


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