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I don't care who you are--if you watched the Olympic gymnastic competition you wanted to squash He Kexin like a bug when Nastia Liukin got silver after tying on uneven bars. And your eyes welled up with happy tears when Luikin and Shawn Johnson went one-two in the all-around competition. No? OK, well maybe the latter was just me, and maybe I was watching after a couple of Vodka Red Bulls and the smoky bar was screwing with my eyeballs...yeah, that's it. Also, let's not forget that death-defying--in my book anything that involves somersaulting over and then catching a bar less than an inch thick can lead to death--silver-medal high bar routine from OU Sooner Jonathan Horton. The Olympics may be over, but the gymnastics champions are still flipping and flying for their fans in this year's Tour of Gymnastic Superstars. Nastia, Shawn, Jonathan and the whole gang will be at the American Airlines Center Saturday, along with Shannon Miller, America's most decorated gymnast, and Paul Hamm, the only American male to win all-around gold. Go watch the guys and gals do some fancy acrobatics without the judges or those pesky Chinese gymnasts. Get tickets from ($24.50 to $79.50) or for more info go to
Sat., Oct. 11, 2008


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