Fort Worth native Bob Schieffer has been a guiding force at CBS News since the late '60s, most recently filling in at anchor after Dan Rather's departure and moderating the last 2004 debate between Senator Kerry and President Bush (he'll reprise this role for the third debate between Senators Obama and McCain next month). Interestingly, the Schieffer family is also close with the Bushes--his brother was even appointed U.S. Ambassador to Japan by Dubya. He also dabbles in country music, writing and recording with the band Honky-Tonk Confidential (thankfully he hasn't quit his day job.) Schieffer's newest book, Bob Schieffer's America, collects 168 of the best essays he's written at CBS, common sense commentaries on tragedies, politics and the death of presidents. He'll sign the collection 7 p.m. Thursday at Barnes & Noble, 7700 W. Northwest Highway. And if you've got a question for Obama or McCain, this might be your best shot at getting it to them. Call 214-739-1124.
Thu., Sept. 18, 7 p.m., 2008


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