And It’s God’s Favorite Musical!

It’s the year’s most sought-after ticket, born from the twisted, brilliant brains of Trey Parker (South Park), Matt Stone (South Park) and Robert Lopez (Avenue Q). It’s won nine, count ’em, NINE Tony Awards while retaining its street cred. Seats on Broadway are STILL ungettable and the touring production has crashed ticket systems at arts centers across the country, forcing all venues welcoming the thing to reinforce their membership departments and IT networks. Yeah, it’s The Book of Mormon, and it’s finally here, knocking on your door. The plot centers around the unlikely friendship of missionaries Elder Kevin Price, who HAS read the text he represents, and his partner, the compulsive liar Elder Arnold Cunningham. Both dream of spending their mission years saving souls in glamorous locations, but instead land in war-torn Uganda where famine, AIDS and poverty trump religious chatter. Not to be dissuaded, the pair do some wheeling and dealing for the Big Guy, promising whatever it takes to get those souls. If you missed getting tickets as they went on sale, try your hand at the lottery. This touring show offers chances for $25 tickets before each curtain. Just show up two and a half hours early to the Winspear (2403 Flora), drop your name and desired ticket amount in the hat (up to two) and cross your fingers. Drawings are done two hours before showtime. You can still get tickets the old-fashioned way for select showtimes; visit They start at $99.
Wed., Aug. 21, 2013


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